Tony Hawk Clarified He Didn’t Call Into An L.A. Police Commission Town Hall

Demonstrations are continuing across the United States as individuals take to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in protest of the death of George Floyd. The fallout from this has included a frank discussion about policing in the United States, both because of how Floyd died and the numerous examples of excessive force that law enforcement has used against those peacefully protesting.

One city where these demonstrations have been particularly notable has been Los Angeles, which has a lengthy history of frayed tensions between its citizens and its police force. On Tuesday, the city’s Police Commission held a virtual town hall in which members of the community excoriated the group and called for chief Michael Moore, who previously said Floyd’s death was as much on looters as it was the police officer who was arrested for murder, to resign.

The call featured someone claiming to be renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk, who echoed the calls for Moore to resign or be removed and said that he lost the faith of residents of Los Angeles.

The voice sounded like Hawk’s, but was just a bit off. That’s because, as he clarified on Twitter, it was not him. Hawk posted that he would have been a bit more eloquent, then advocated for civil rights advocacy organization Color of Change.

Since we are not ones to disagree with Tony Hawk on much of anything, here’s a link to Color of Change’s website.

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