Tony Romo Doing Color Commentary For A Cat On The Field Was The Best Part Of Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football happened on Thursday night, as it is wont to do, which meant that it was on. But perhaps Matt Moore and the Miami Dolphins were not informed that it, indeed, was occurring. They put on a performance that was very much not on, while the Baltimore Ravens were definitely, well, on.

Not even Joe Flacco getting knocked out of the game by a dirty hit could keep the Dolphins from getting waxed in a game that was over before the half. That meant a lot of dead air and meaningless football for CBS broadcasters Jim Nantz an Tony Romo to fill.

Thankfully, that dead air in a 40-0 drubbing was rescued late by a cat that ran onto the field in the final minutes. Look at that cat run!

Just majestic. The only thing that can make a can scampering on the field better is Romo giving play-by-play of a cat scampering on the field. And making fun of Nantz a bit, too.

“Look at this Jim, this is like how you ran in high school. Perfect form. Extension,” Romo said. “And doesn’t get phased that there’s people around. Oh look at the change of direction.”

It got better as the cat approached the sideline.

“DOES HE GET BOTH FEET RIGHT HERE AT THE END JIM?” Romo asked. “He did… that’s way too much fun at this point.”

Romo has been great to listen to on broadcasts this season. But this might be him at his best. Maybe on years CBS doesn’t have the Super Bowl he can do Kitty Bowl commentary? I’m sure he’d be a star.