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07.06.11 2 Comments

I’m not sure where the line between “embarrassing yourself on the Internet” and “embarrassing yourself in real life and having people talk about it on the Internet” is drawn, but last night’s episode of Tosh.0 featured a Web Redemption for Steve Consalvi, the then-high school senior who ran out onto the field during a Phillies/Cardinals game last season and got compromised to a temporary end by a security guard’s taser.

Of course the Daniel Tosh idea of redeeming the kid is to have him pretend to f**k a transvestite prostitute (who is then killed), because “I hate black people” and “I hate women” were too hard to work in. It’s still pretty funny, if you stick around for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine ending. Check out the full video below.

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Web Redemption – Phillies Taser Kid
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Well, it’s not exactly the Afro Ninja pulling off a backflip, but what can you do? I feel like his “web redemption” should’ve been apologizing for being a teenager and watching a baseball game in peace.

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