Tosh Point TKO

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.18.11 6 Comments

Last night’s season premiere of Tosh.0 (the only show in the entirety of television my girlfriend gets excited to watch) featured everything you’d expect from Tosh: vomiting, jokes about the subservience of women, and that conversation I have in my head on whether he’s Dane Cook’s Nobody (like in Kingdom Hearts) or his Heartless, as Dane Cook is now nobody. It also featured a special bonus: Manny Pacquiao punching Tosh into near-unconsciousness. It’s funny, but keep in mind that the video also includes nearly two minutes of Joe Rogan, so viewer discretion is advised.

Some funny analysis from Travis Houser:

Pacquiao’s punch that landed squarely on the jaw of Daniel Tosh was not 100% strength but sounded hard enough to do some damage. As you can see in the video, Manny Pacquiao by 1st round TKO since Tosh did not lose conscious it is not a knockout.

Good point, I guess. And yeah, if that punch had been 100%, parts of Tosh’s head would start showing up in the background of Scrubs reruns.

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