Tracy Morgan Totally Understands Donald Sterling’s Racism

Next Wednesday night, SPIKE will air One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles, which is… well, you just read what it is, so if you don’t understand that, I can’t really help you. Those All-Stars include comic geniuses like Jon Stewart, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as Rickles himself, obviously, because otherwise the whole thing would be pretty stupid. Tracy Morgan, whose name I still write as Tracy Jordan out of eternal depression from the ending of 30 Rock, also appeared at the show, and he gave a partially-moving, mostly-hilarious tribute that revealed how Rickles sent a very meaningful bouquet of flowers to Morgan’s hospital room when he was recovering from his kidney surgery, and that act of kindness helped inspire him to get better.

Sandwiched in between all of the emotional words, though, Morgan found time to make fun of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. But he didn’t make the cheap and easy jokes that you’d expect from most comics. Instead, Morgan totally understands where Sterling is coming from.

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