Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Had An All-Time Twitter Meltdown Over Donald Trump

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Remember Trevor Bauer? He is the Cleveland Indians pitcher that damaged his team’s chances of winning a World Series last year when he sliced his pitching hand open while playing with a drone. Bauer ended up bleeding everywhere and was removed during the first inning of Game 3 of the ALCS.

He returned in time for the World Series, where he took two of the team’s four losses by allowing 12 hits and five earned runs in 7.2 innings across two starts.

Proving he could still take an ‘L,’ Bauer went on a Twitter rant late Thursday that revealed he may not understand how Twitter works while announcing that “almost all” of his teammates support Donald Trump. This is the tweet that started it:

Does he think his actual phone and the actual Twitter company are forcing stories onto his iPhone? Is it possible he doesn’t see any right-leaning, pro-Trump stuff because he follows 15 people on Twitter and none of them are political? Is he expecting discourse on presidential executive orders from Faux Gruden? “That judge that overturned the order just gets it!”

Once Bauer opened the door with that tweet, all of his thoughts on politics poured out, including one where he chucked his teammates under the bus.

And another tweet (along with a 69 joke?) emphasizing the Trump love in Cleveland.

In an effort to do investigative journalism (and make jokes), I created a tweet involving photos of Jason Kipnis, who seems like he’s not a pro-Trump person based on his tweets (but who really knows) and did this:

It’s one of those classic tweets where Kipnis is smiling, sees the Trump tweet then is like whaaaaaaaat because he’s not pro-Trump. If you want a sign of encouragement, Kipnis liked that tweet:

But that one Trump tweet from Bauer wasn’t the end of his rant that looked like it was straight out of a Breitbart comments section.

Here’s Bauer joking someone should kill themselves:

And here is the delicate snowflake getting offended when someone does the same to him.

Bauer is fine with native American caricatures, like the one on his jersey.

To top it all off, hours after revealing he thinks Apple and Twitter are involved in a left-wing plot to send Rachel Maddow videos to his phone and months after slicing open his hand on a drone, Bauer wants you to know he’s very smart.

And if you think Bauer woke up Friday morning and started deleting regretful tweets, he’s actually still going and now he’s on immigration.

This led to Twitter dragging Bauer for the past 12-to-16 hours. Look at this great joke off the top.

Yes, that’s a slightly below average home run rate. It doesn’t make Bauer bad at pitching. But you should realize it’s a joke about home runs, walls, and walls between our borders, which Trump…just forget it.

Even a fellow ballplayer took a shot at Bauer.

And here’s a few more.

It’s great when the Internet comes together to make jokes at the expense of a fifth starter that calls himself “scientific.”

Update (10:05 a.m.) — Bauer really is still going strong, and you can now add “doesn’t think Barack Obama was born in America” to the list of things the scientific pitcher thinks is possible.