Troy Aikman Sums Up The Terrible Cowboys-Eagles Game With One Perfect Quote

09.20.15 3 years ago 15 Comments
Troy Aikman commentary


If you watched the Eagles-Cowboys game, you have our deepest apologies. That barely resembled football. Sure, it involved a pigskin and players in pads, and there was probably some strategy involved by both coaching staffs. Beyond that, however, there wasn’t much else. There were turnovers, sloppy play, blocked punts, horrific tackling, poor offensive line play and a whole host of other things that made you question whether this was professional football or your kid’s Pee Wee game. At one point, FOX color commentator Troy Aikman expressed his frustration with the game:

“This is not good football, this is a terrible game to watch.”

To which Joe Buck responded: “And with that we welcome a new audience.”

The only thing that was missing was the horn from The Price Is Right.

And Aikman didn’t stop there. Minutes later after both teams fumbled again, he said: “It’s been a terrible performance by everyone involved.”

For what it’s worth, Aikman is generally reserved with his game commentary, oftentimes going several minutes without adding much beyond, “what a great play.” Nice to see him call out this performance for what it was. Truly atrocious.

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