LSU Paid Almost $1 Million To Get Beat By Troy On Homecoming

Homecoming is supposed to be a celebration of team pride and school spirit. But sometimes the easy team you pay to beat on home turf does the beating in college sports.

That was certainly the case with the LSU Tigers, who paid Troy a hefty sum to waltz right into Tiger Stadium and hand LSU a loss on Saturday night. Troy beat LSU, 24-21, and was up 17-0 in the third quarter before the Tigers got their collective act together and attempted to mount a comeback. However, the Tigers fell short in the fourth quarter and were left with the loss and footing the bill.

The big question after a loss to a homecoming opponent is how much did that team get paid to win. Enter ESPN computron Darren Rovell with your answer there.

That’s a lot of money for a Sun Belt team to come in and beat the brakes off a very caffeinated Ed Orgeron squad for a few quarters. Tigers fans are certainly upset now at their team’s 3-2 start in Coach O’s first season.

And the ceremonial dragging of LSU by every Twitter account even tangentially related to Troy happened in earnest on Saturday night. But remember: It’s always important to be polite in moments such as these.

The lesson, as always, be careful who you schedule on homecoming. You never want to ruin your own party.