TUF 20 Recap: Mean Girls

Hey punch friends, it’s time for another TUF 20 recap! The show starts with the Skrapettes having a meeting to figure out how to kick out Heather Clark and Tecia Torres from their room. Of course, Heather, being Heather, doesn’t really want to change rooms.

Bec talks about her kids being her inspiration and then brings up her past abusive relationship and how tough it was for her to open up about it. The whole house heads to a spa for a pool party and to watch some fights. The Skrappettes leave early to help Bec cut weight, leaving the “Chumpettes” free to speak to Tecia about the plan to kick her out.

Back at the house, Tecia stands her ground and won’t change rooms with her fight coming up, which pisses off the Skrapettes. Later, both Bec and Tecia are going through the struggles of cutting weight, which makes everyone grumpy.

The fight – #3 Tecia “Tiny Tornado” Torres vs #8 “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings

The opening round was really good and stayed entirely on the feet. Tecia landed several good kicks and came forward with punching flurries. Bec managed to clinch up and land some heavy punches often, forcing Tecia to disengage and create distance. Bec had a good onslaught in the final minute, but I’d give the first round to Tecia (Warning: Not a Judge)

The second round was more of a mixed bag. Bec got a head lock takedown early and landed in side control, but rolled into full guard for some weird reason. The fight got back to the feet, but there was a lot more clinching and dirty boxing. I would have scored that round for Bec and said bring on a sudden victory round, but the judges give it to Tecia unanimously and she moves on.

Come back next week for the first quarterfinal match up as #6 Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig takes on #14 Randa Markos


“Maybe people would be nicer to you if you were a good person.” – Bec with a mega burn on Heather Clark

“Guys, there’s no need for booing. Bad sport” – Joanne Calderwood is adorable, even when chiding people for poor behavior (Turns out it was Nate Diaz as the booing person)


– Rose and JoJo having a nine hour staredown