How Free Agent Safety Shiloh Keo Used Twitter To Get Signed By The Denver Broncos

Shiloh Keo
Getty Image

There’s no way to tell if Shiloh Keo got a job with the Denver Broncos because of a tweet he sent a few weeks ago, but until someone proves otherwise, we’re going to think that’s what happened.

Earlier this month, the veteran safety sent a tweet to Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips after the team signed another safety, Josh Bush.

This seems like a fairly lighthearted tweet from a player to his former defensive coordinator – the pair worked together in Houston for a few years – but something funny ended up happening. First, Phillips responded to the tweet and wished Keo well.

And then, Keo planted the seeds in the back of Phillips’ mind that, if the team ever needs to bring a safety on board, he’s ready, willing, and able to become a Bronco.

A few days passed and nothing happened. It looked like Keo and Phillips weren’t going to be reunited in Denver, mostly because asking someone to give you a job on Twitter probably isn’t the best way to go about the whole “job search” thing. Finally, on Wednesday, the news came down that the Broncos had signed Keo to a deal.

The length of the deal hasn’t been revealed, but it doesn’t really matter, because Keo has a cooler story about how he came into a job than anyone else.

(Via Bleacher Report)