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Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress accepted a plea deal that will see him serve two years in jail for discharging a handgun within New York City limits nine months earlier.

Burress – who caught the game-winning touchdown in the Giants’ 2008 Super Bowl win over the Patriots – testified before a grand jury last month in a “Hail Mary” attempt to beat the rap.

But he was instead indicted him on two counts of weapons possession and reckless endangerment. The 6-foot-5 Burress had faced 3 1/2 to 15 years if convicted. via.

The only thing Burress will be catching in jail is…well, you can guess where I was going with that. But this preseason has sorted out most of the off-field issues rather nicely–Vick has been signed, Favre Watch is over, Stallworth was sent to jail…Stallworth got out of jail, and now Plax will have two years to think about the faux pas of wearing sweatpants out in public. All we need now is another barrage of Peyton Manning commercials and I do believe I’ll be ready for some football.

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