UFC 193 Early Prelims Provide Plenty Of Action

UFC 193 kicked off with four fights on the early prelims, and they were super exciting. Let’s take a look at a great reason to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass.

Ben Nguyen vs Ryan Benoit

Ben “Ben 10” Ngyuen took on Ryan “Baby Face” Benoit in flyweight action to start the whole show. Ngyuen was utterly dominant, dropping Benoit early with strikes and then searching for a submission win. Ngyuen sunk a rear naked choke at the mid-way point of the first round, securing the win. Congrats, Ben!

James Moontasri vs Anton Zafir

Moontasri showed off his tae kwon do skills, landing a devastating spinning back kick on Zafir that broke Anton’s ribs. It was lucky for Moontasri, who was being thoroughly out grappled up until that point.

Richard Walsh vs Steven Kennedy

There wasn’t a finish here, partly due to Walsh displaying poor fight IQ, but the prolonged nature did provide for one moment of pure bliss. Late in the third round, Walsh went for a back fist, while Kennedy might have been going for a take down. What ending up happening is both dudes flailed like idiots.

Dan Kelly vs Steve Montgomery

There wasn’t a cool finish, or even a weird moment in this one, sadly. Kelly used his grappling in the first and third rounds to control Montgomery. At least Kelly, the Melbourne native, pumped up the crowd with a win. Congrats, Dan!

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