Watch Alistair Overeem Flatten Mark Hunt With A Knee From Hell At UFC 209

The main UFC 209 card kicked off with a bang as heavyweights Alistair Overeem and Mark Hunt clashed in a battle of oldschool kickboxers. We knew going into this that someone was probably going to get laid flat, and it could have been either fighters. From the opening bell, both Hunt and Overeem were throwing fire. But at 1:44 of round 3, Overeem caught Hunt up against the cage with a thunderous knee that dropped the Super Samoan flat to the canvas.

The win puts Overeem back in the win column after a previous four fight win streak was broken by heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic back in September of 2016. Alistair probably won’t get another sniff at the heavyweight title so long as Miocic continues to hold it, but considering no heavyweight has managed to defend the belt more than twice, Overeem may not have to wait too long before things change up at the top of the division, giving him another chance at UFC championship gold.

For Hunt, it was a disappointing result. His last fight was the UFC 200 tilt against Brock Lesnar. Lesnar won that one, with the results being changed to a No Contest after the former WWE superstar tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Hunt would later sue the UFC and Lesnar over the drug test, arguing that the UFC enabled Lesnar to cheat by waiving a 3 month USADA testing period. It will be interesting to see if he returns to fight again considering the bad blood he seems to be harboring for the UFC these days. Following his loss, he left the cage immediately. The last we’ve seen of Mark Hunt? Let’s hope not.

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