Breast Implants Won’t Keep Female MMA Fighter Off UFC 210 Card After All

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It’s been quite an afternoon for UFC 210 news as the generally tame UFC weigh-ins hosted not one but two controversies. Not only did light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier embroil himself in a scandal, but the New York State Athletic Commission opened a whole can of worms by kicking main card fighter Pearl Gonzalez off Saturday’s card because she had breast implants.

That was an interesting decision to make considering New York licensed the fight months ago and were aware of Pearl’s … situation long before today. Also, the commission has already allowed other women with breast implants to compete. So what’s the deal? Well, we’re happy to announce there may be no deal after all. Despite the implants rule actually existing on the NYSAC books, it sounds like they won’t be enforced.

UFC president Dana White channeled his inner Donald Trump on the subject, blaming the media for spreading fake news:

Of course, the media was just reporting what the New York State Athletic Commission did at the UFC 210 weigh-ins. How ridiculous of them to believe the people in charge and Pearl’s opponent Cynthia Calvillo about the situation. The commission even released a statement on the fight being allowed to go forward:

But let’s not get too down on the UFC president. What seems clear to us is that the UFC went to bat for Gonzalez and that (combined with the public uproar making them look stupid) forced the NYSAC to stand down on their ridiculous and rarely enforced rule. Because let’s face it: fretting about the unlikely possibility of a ruptured implant in a sport where fighters regularly get their noses and eye sockets shattered seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?