Brutal! Watch Thomas Almeida KO Anthony Birchak At UFC Fight Night 77

Bantamweight Thomas “Thominhas” Almeida entered his UFC Fight Night 77 bout on Saturday against Anthony “El Toro” Birchak with a 20-0 record, with 15 knockouts to his credit.

Both men exchanged a lot of strikes early, but Almeida started landing the more accurate, more powerful shots as the round progressed. Late in the first round, Almeida uncorked a combination featuring a spinning back elbow and a flurry of left and right hooks that separated Birchak from his consciousness, earning him the knockout victory at 4:22 in the first.

Almeida, now 21-0, is edging closer to top ranked competition, and I think potential opponents like John Lineker, John Dodson, Francisco Rivera, or Renan Barao would all provide great, action-packed tests for the young fighter out of Sao Paulo.

Congrats on the big win, Thomas!

Oh, and just to assuage any fears you might have, Birchak did eventually get up under his own power. That knockout fall did look super scary, though.