Nate Diaz Wants To Come Back, But Dana White Isn’t Making The McGregor Trilogy Fight (Yet)

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MMA fans were overjoyed to see Nate Diaz throwing up double middle fingers on Instagram, saying he’s “sick of sitting around waiting for you f*ckers to do sh*t” while announcing a potential May or June comeback. Eddie Alvarez and Kevin Lee instantly called him out, but the question remains: will Diaz get the paycheck he wants? Does that even matter anymore?

For his part, UFC president Dana White found out about Diaz’s post while being interviewed by TMZ. He said he’s offer Diaz a fight “tonight” but as far as the Conor McGregor trilogy is concerned, he’s in no rush to get that done. Mac needs to fight the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson, and there’s time for Diaz/McGregor III to happen.

But where’s Mac? Will he be stripped due to said Khabib/Tony fight? And if so, will he even want to come back to the UFC after making over a $100 million against Floyd Mayweather? His coach John Kavanagh said on a Facebook Live chat he’s in the gym training every day, and will be back this year, but “when and against who, I would be just guessing.”

So will the UFC keep the lightweight belt on McGregor two years after he won it just to keep him placated, or can the fans just get what they want and have Diaz vs. McGregor III if McGregor’s going to keep on playing games with the division?

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