UFC Star Paige VanZant Is Moving To Flyweight After Passing Out Multiple Times During Her Weight Cuts

Entertainment Editor

Weight cutting has always been a divisive part of the MMA world. Extreme weight cutting hit its zenith over the last few years, with some fighters, notably former light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson, cutting 30-40 pounds to make weight. Athletic commissions have eliminated IV bags as a way to recover in order to curb the extreme weight cutting, but problems are still popping up. Khabib Nurmagomedov was hospitalized the day of his weigh-in for his title fight against Tony Ferguson, and former (current?) light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier made headlines with his sunken look when he weighed-in in a questionable manner.

And of course, there’s Skeletor Conor McGregor, who won the belt at 145 pounds and will likely never be back down at that weight.


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