A Brutal Foul Ball To The Face Knocked This Umpire Out Of A Game

Umpire Mike DiMuro had an unfortunate start to his Memorial Day Weekend, as he was knocked out of Saturday afternoon’s Blue Jays-Red Sox game after taking a foul ball to the face.

DiMuro had the home plate assignment for the game but had to call it a day after a second inning foul tip from Devon Travis struck him right in the mask. The impact was forceful enough to knock DiMuro to the ground and leave him visibly shaken. The Blue Jays medical staff came to his aid and performed some tests on the ump before determining that he would be best served to seek additional medical assistance. It’s still unknown whether or not DiMuro was concussed as a result of the play, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising.

After his departure, third base umpire Brian Gorman took DiMuro’s place behind the plate and the game continued with a three man officiating crew.