UNC Survived Against Appalachian State In An Early Frontrunner For College Football’s Game Of The Year

We are exactly one TV window into our first full college football weekend of the 2022 season and it’s safe to say that the bar for game of the year has been set incredibly high. The North Carolina Tar Heels, which started their season with a win during Week 0, made the always dangerous trip to Boone to take on Appalachian State on Saturday.

It is hard to say the game was anything other than batsh*t insane. The Mountaineers went up, 21-7, before the Tar Heels started to pour it on. Early on in the fourth quarter, it looked like UNC would be able to fend their opponents off on the road, as they went ahead 41-28.

And then, things got really stupid. App State scored 40 points in the fourth quarter, but somehow, it was not enough, as Carolina was able to secure a thrilling 63-61 win. It seemed like the Heels were going to avoid disaster late in the game — while the Mountaineers scored with 31 seconds left to make it 56-55, their attempt at going for the win came up short, as Chase Bryce just overthrew Dashaun Davis.

The ensuing onside kick presented a chance to get the ball back, and while that happened, it was under pretty unique circumstances. UNC’s Christopher Holliday grabbed the kick and brought it to the end zone, which is bad enough, as it gave the ball right back to the home team. Compounding things was that the Heels decided to kick the PAT, making it an 8-point game instead of something that could not be matched on one drive.

Because weird things happen in Boone, App State returned the kickoff to midfield and went right into the end zone in two plays.

This time, the Mountaineers needed a 2-point conversion to extend the game. Bryce had nowhere to throw it, he attempted to run, and unfortunately for him, Noah Taylor saved the day for the Heels.

College football is back.