Update Of Pure Jealous Rage: Kate Upton Responded To That Kid’s Prom Invite

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03.20.13 13 Comments

Yesterday, we pondered aloud whether or not Los Angeles high school student Jake Davidson deserved to be taken seriously with his creative prom invitation to our beloved Kate Upton, and it appears that we came through for Jake, because she has responded to him.

The two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Tweeted at Jake last night, telling him to call her Katie, which is just complete BS because we just try and try and try and try and all we get is “Please refer to her as the plaintiff”. So is she going to make Jake the coolest wealthy teenager among all of his wealthy classmates?

The answer is an incredible, resounding – probably not. UPDATE: Jesus, either Kate is incredibly sweet or she’s going to go through with this.

To be fair to Jake’s hopes and dreams – which he discussed with Mashable today – not a lot of people thought he’d get a response, but here we are. Sure, she might actually check her schedule and maybe she’ll even say, “F*ck it, free trip to L.A.” and do the Dougie while a bunch of teenage boys remain seated at their tables, terrified of revealing their awkward boners. And maaaaaaaybe she’ll take some pictures with Jake and post them to Twitter, causing all of us to be like, “That little bro is the coolest little bro in the entire world”.

But the only thing that is certain in this entire situation is that Jake is going to tell his friends that he had sex with Kate, whether they actually meet or not, because teenage boys are filthy liars and I would absolutely do it if I were in his shoes, no matter how blatant the lie and how much bullsh*t people call. Because, as George Costanza once said, “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

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