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Last night, the New York Post broke the story about the sexual harassment case filed against the Knicks Eddy Curry by his former driver, David Kuchinsky.  Well, they’ve updated the story to include this handsome photo of the chauffeur, and Eddy Curry has also been given the opportunity to respond to Kuchinsky’s claims.

Curry… said last night he was “shocked” at the allegations. “It’s false, and everyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist,” he said after the Knicks beat the Hornets in New Orleans. “I’ve never made a comment like that, playing, or nothing… That’s incredible, man.” […]

Curry’s lawyer, Kelly Saindon, said Kuchinsky began making a series of claims for unpaid wages several months ago, upping the ante each time. Saindon said Curry took a chance on hiring Kuchinsky despite the driver’s criminal record, which includes a three-year prison sentence for a 1992 burglary in New Jersey. He also got three years’ probation in a 2004 resisting-arrest case in the Garden State, records show.

So wait a second.  Kuchinsky’s a convicted felon with prison time, and he supposedly turned down the alleged advances of a large black man?  I find that very hard to believe, if the axiom about black and going back is correct.  Combine that with Curry’s established record of being docile and passive (on and off the court, and everywhere else but the buffet), and it looks like Mr. Kuchinsky may not be seeing much of Curry’s money.  The money that Curry has earned with his years of rehabbing and going to practice and sometimes even dieting.

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