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American snowboarder Scotty Lago (left) left Vancouver after these images of him “celebrating” his bronze medal with this currently-unknown companion surfaced on Thursday. Hey, she isn’t terrible looking for a bronze-medal level groupie. Maybe if he had won the gold, he could have found someone with some bigger cans.

U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun and chairman Larry Probst said Lago’s decision to go home came before the federation had a chance to react to the situation.

“He put the code of conduct on himself, decided the correct thing was to go home,” Blackmun said.

Added Probst: “He made that call, and it was the right decision.” –WaPo.

This is probably one of the more tame “extracirricular” activities that snowboarders enjoy. If he had been at the X-Games, Lago probably would have been in an orgy with Inuit triplets and a polar bear. Honestly, this isn’t that bad. But doing this in front of cameras is pretty ignorant, unless his aim was for people to find out who the hell Scotty Lago is. In which case, hey, nice job. –via Guanabee.

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