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Korver relaxes off the set of his TV show, “Punk’d”” title=”Korver relaxes off the set of his TV show, “Punk’d”” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

The Deseret News (link via Ball Don't Lie) profiled Jazz guard Kyle Korver, and it seems the recent transplant from Philadelphia is more popular than ever before:

On any night in EnergySolutions Arena, there are enough signs to fill the Republican Convention, most of them held aloft by women. Kyle, we love you. Kyle, will you marry me? From two young girls: Kyle, will you wait for me? From two older women: Why go for two when you can go for three? […]

Korver's female fans are different than what you might expect from the NBA arena. For the most part, these are not groupies in provocative, come-hither clothing. These are grandmas, housewives, grade-school kids and teens, ranging in age from 7 to 60…

TV stations and newspapers have already produced several in-depth profiles about Korver, and he's only been with the team for four months. The media honeymoon is on for Korver. Veteran TV newscasters like Shauna Lake are reduced to asking fawning questions like this one: "What did your mom do to raise a guy like you?" […]

Go figure. All this attention and adulation for a player who averages less than 10 points and plays less than half the game.

Yes, go figure.  Why would Utah fans embrace a role-player when the heart and soul of the team are Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer?  Can anyone solve this mystery?  It's like a puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in thousands and thousands of white people.

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