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Some freshman on the Virginia Tech cheerleading squad decided to try out for the “Girls of the ACC” issue of Playboy, that one magazine that was really cool before God invented Google Image Search, Redtube, xhamster, booble…you get the idea. Those are just my favorites. Your results may vary.

Anyway, she used her real name, which might put her status as a Virginia Tech cheerleader in jeopardy. Because looking for a young lady’s goods, aside from whenever those microskirts flap up, is frowned upon in Blacksburg.

Carly Hinchman and Maggie Cook, both freshmen, are friends and decided to try out together.

“When we’re older and it’s 20 years from now, we can be like, remember when we tried out for Playboy?“ Cook said.

In all, five women tried out while we were there. All of them admitted they hadn’t told their parents. According to Kaye, if they make it, they will have to break the news.

Hey Carly, remember 20 days from now when you got thrown off the cheerleading squad at Virginia Tech? But then you made the cut for Playboy and gave Jose Canseco a blow job? Then you married some oil man from Texas that bought you some new boobs and…again, you get the idea. Seriously, Carly, you follow your dreams, homegirl. Without women making bad decisions in front of a camera, we’d be nowhere as a society today.

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