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I’m not huge on the whole “man-law” mantras that seem to be flying around all the time, especially when it comes to some of the more ridiculous minutiae. But I do believe in the first two statutes of the man code: never sit down to pee unless you’re stretching a single to a double, and if there’s not a laptop in it, it’s a purse! From the Honeymag Q&A (thanks, David):

When you’re going out without the help of a stylist, how long does it take you to get dressed?

It takes me around an hour because I have to make sure what I have on really reflects my personal style, and then it has to be perfect, or close to it.[…]

When is a murse appropriate? Do you carry one?

Yes, I carry one only when I am going to the beach, pool party or outdoor event.

An outdoor event? At say, oh I don’t know…a highway rest stop? A nude beach in San Francisco? To a protest of the new Bruno movie? No wonder Mike Singletary hates this guy…but that doesn’t really explain why coach showed him the one-eyed assistant. “See me after practice” takes on a whole new meaning with that.

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