Did Andy Murray’s Fiancee, Kim Sears, Call His Opponent A ‘F*cking F*ck’ At The Australian Open?

I’m not good at the whole lip reading thing but I’ll give it a shot here. “F*cking’ have it you Czech f*ckin, f*ck.” Or something close to that.

Anyway, that’s Kim Sears, the fiancee of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray dropping the nasty f-bombs (allegedly) on Tomas Berdych during today’s semifinal match at the Australian Open. A match that got heated several times after Berdych complained about deflated balls. No, really. DeflateGate has now hit the tennis world.

There was a definite edge to the contest, and some sharp words followed from Murray in the next game when Berdych complained about the balls.

“There was a little bit of extra tension – it was a big match,” said Murray. “A lot was made about Dani Vallverdu, my former coach, working with Tomas.

Murray went on to win the match.

Unrelated: ESPN ran this graphic of Kim Sears and Berdych’s fiancee Ester Satarova. Because SPORTS!