That Time Bill Walton Called Michael Jordan ‘Average’

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02.12.15 5 Comments

Nobody toes the line of crazy genius quite like Bill Walton. During yesterday’s Oregon-USC game, the ESPN analyst went off on a wild tangent, spending five minutes on rock ‘n roll legend Bob Dylan before ultimately calling Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever live, “average.”

This story from SI about the ’92 Dream Team serves as the perfect rebuttal. Michael Jordan is super-human and Bill Walton is a nincompoop.

Over the years, we’ve heard tales of what the NBA’s brightest stars were up to off the court at the ’92 Olympics, and it’s in that regard that Jordan truly stands alone. Much of the team got its fill of Monaco and Barcelona, but Jordan regularly hosted marathon card-playing sessions the night before a game and still managed to squeeze in some golf before tip-off. He was an absolute freak whose competitive drive had eclipsed his need for sleep, and yet Jordan’s unfathomable schedule didn’t keep him from being as dominant on the court as any Dream Teamer.

(Vine via GIFdSports)

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