Video: Club America And Chivas Fans Brawled On The Field In Las Vegas

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07.05.13 5 Comments

Nothing says, “Hey everyone, let’s celebrate America’s independence!” quite like a massive brawl between the fans of two Mexican soccer teams, as that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night when Club America and Chivas faced off at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Early reports indicated that the fighting between the rival fan bases was underway in the parking lot before the match even started, but it’s not really fun until the a-hole fans ruin the entire game.

With Chivas up 1-0 after a late goal, fans from both sides decided they’d had enough of each other and rushed the field to settle their differences. As the players left the field with time still on the clock, fans were seen throwing any objects they could get their hands on at the people they despise for simply wearing different colors. It’s amazing how thousands of years of humanity can pass us by, but mental maturity moves slower than a dead snail. Hooray, sports!

Meanwhile, Chivas is one of the teams involved in a doubleheader of Mexican teams tomorrow at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, and city and stadium officials will meet today to discuss security plans, which I assume are just the words, “RUN LIKE HELL!” written in red marker on a giant Dry Erase board.

And today’s trivia question is: Are there a lot of really racist comments on these YouTube videos? (HINT: Yes. A lot.)

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