Floyd Mayweather Trashes Manny Pacquiao In An Interview And Calls For A Fight On May 2nd

For years this has been rumored. For years, boxing fans have waited for the fight that never was. Frankly, I had all but given hope two years ago. But something happened recently—whether it was money or pride or drug testing, who knows—Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are close to setting a date for a fight and if you’re to believe Mayweather, the bout could come as early as May 2nd.

In an interview with Showtime Boxing, Floyd said the two are in serious negotiations in large part because Manny needs the pay day. Then he trashes Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, because, well, the two all but despise each other. Floyd just oozes class, doesn’t he?

Here’s just a handful of Floyd-isms from the interview:

“He’s lost to Marquez, he’s lost to Bradley. Pay-per-view numbers are down very extremely low. So he’s desperate.”
“I’ve been wanting that fight a long time ago.”
“And I’m the man, I’m here to stay.”
“Floyd Mayweather is not ducking or dodging any opponent.”
“He’s not on my level.”

I sincerely think this fight is going to happen now. Sadly, it’s three years past Manny’s prime and the speed he was known for, the relentless punching that made him famous has all but disappeared.

That being said, I’ll still watch the debacle—so will most of you.