Johns Hopkins Nailed The Hidden-Ball Trick For A Lacrosse Goal

The hidden ball trick is as close as sports ever comes to a magic trick. This one comes from Johns Hopkins University’s game in the NCAA lacrosse tournament against the University of Virginia. Two schools from the absolute heart of lacrosse country. A big game between two familiar foes with high stakes. Sure, why not pull out some trickeration?

This one’s tough to follow, but the first exchange is the real one. Wells Stanwick gives the ball to Ryan Brown, who goes out of frame as Stanwick keeps moving, only to find an unguarded attacker (Shack Stanwick) right behind the goalie. The best part about this goal is that it doesn’t completely fool UVA. You can see that some defensemen keep their eyes on Brown, suspicious that something is going on, but the goalie was fooled. If he’s not looking, that’s all you need.

Johns Hopkins went on to beat Virginia in their first-round matchup, and they’ve already got a candidate for Play of the Tournament.

(Via SI)