Vince Wilfork Busted Out His Famous Overalls At J.J. Watt’s Celebrity Softball Game

There are very few people on planet earth that can pull off overalls, as they are about the most unfashionable clothing item that exists. The only thing that might rival them is fanny packs. You know a type of clothing is bad when even Russell Westbrook can’t make them stylish.

However, Vince Wilfork makes it work. Wilfork showed up to J.J. Watt’s celebrity softball game in Houston rocking full double-strap overalls with his name embroidered on the back (!) and he was easily the best-looking guy on the field.

I mean, just look at all 325 pounds worth of swagger.

To make it even better, Wilfork was the only player in the game to dress up as everyone else just wore the uniforms that were given to them. Unsurprisingly, the crowd went absolutely crazy over the Texans’ d-lineman’s outfit.

This, of course, is not the first time we have seen the five-time Pro Bowler rocking the overalls look, as he infamously wore them with no shirt underneath during an episode of Hard Knocks last year (along with a pair of cowboy boots), much to the amusement of his teammates and coaches.

If only Wilfork would don the overalls during another game of pickup basketball, then he would truly be the greatest.

(Via Houston Texans)

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