Watch Virginia Tech Come Out To ‘Enter Sandman’ Against Notre Dame, Because It’s Always Great

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College football is pretty good. Some (including myself!) think it is better than the NFL, citing the the amount of silliness that invariably comes from 130 teams of varying skill levels playing against one another. Even if watching two Group of 5 teams plod their way to a 19-8 game doesn’t float your boat, the one thing it certainly has over the NFL is astoundingly cool entrances.

For example, no team in college football (and perhaps in all of American sports) can match the entrance at Lane Stadium, in which a hype video plays and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” blasts through the speakers. The crowd becomes raucous, and eventually the Virginia Tech Hokies emerge from the tunnel, ready to take on that week’s opponent.

On Saturday night, the entrance had a little more juice, as the 24th-ranked Hokies had a night tilt against sixth-ranked Notre Dame. Behold, a view of the entrance from the stadium:

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