Vladimir Putin Is The Kim Jong-Il Of Hockey

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01.13.12 2 Comments

"If he ices, he ices."

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary Summit Series, which was a friendly hockey exhibition between Canada and Russia, presumably created as a big “F*ck you” to America during the Cold War. The event consisted of 8 games between the two nations – 4 in Canada and 4 in Russia – as they loaded their rosters with their top talents.

While Canada’s lineup featured NHL stars like Phil Esposito and Stan Mikita, Russia also unleashed some guys that nobody had ever heard of and I’m sure they were not pumped with any drugs or steroids that had been developed in secret underground or mountain side bunkers. Canada ultimately won the series 4-3-1 after an exciting Game 8 that featured the Canadian team scoring 3 goals in the third period, including a last second game-winner by Paul Henderson, after trailing 5-3.

Now, Russia’s Prime Minister and former President, Vladimir Putin, not only wants a rematch but he’s willing to play. In fact, he challenged Canada’s PM Stephen Harper to take the ice against him, and Putin can’t like his answer too much:

… press secretary Andrew MacDougall said the story was not true.

“The Prime Minister will not be playing hockey against Mr. Putin,” he said in an email.

(Via the Toronto Star)

The reason for this hoser-esque behavior? Apparently Harper might be upset that Putin jumped the gun and beat him to the challenge. Either way, the Summit Series celebration will happen, this time with just two games. But Putin wants the world to know that he’s ready to skate, because in Russia, the Prime Minister pucks you.

(Video via FARK.)

Also, meet my new meme, Swagger Putin.

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