Wade Boggs, Hall Of Fame Groove Buster

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.18.12 2 Comments

Wade Boggs is no stranger to being awesome on television … this is the guy who got punched out by Barney Gumble for arguing Pitt The Elder against Lord Palmerston and shilled the hitting prowess of former WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect. Here, we see the Hall of Fame third baseman dancing at an Oklahoma City Thunder game, because a camera is on him, and because Wade Boggs is the best.

I try not to be super “Internet” when I share these videos and just type “check out wade bocks dancign click here …” and hit publish, but … yeah, that’s it, it’s Wade Boggs dancing.

Or it could be TV’s Richard Karn. As they get older, it gets harder to tell the difference.

[h/t to Hall Of Very Good]

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