Beach Rugby Is A Thing In Wales, And It Has Brawls And A Hilarious Commentator

Along with soccer, there is no sport more popular in Wales than rugby. It’s so popular in fact, that they even apparently have a beach version of it, and like most rugby games, there are massive amounts of fighting and physicality.

Four teams were disqualified from a prestigious beach rugby tournament at Swansea Bay after fighting during in the middle of their games. Even though the games were officially only supposed to be touch, that did not stop the players from going after each other.

Other than the massive brawls, the most charming part of the whole thing is the failed attempt by the commentator to restore order during the fights, as he shouted from his perch things like:

“Teams, this is only touch. I know it’s physical touch, but that’s a bit too physical. Alright?”

“If this continues boys we will not have beach rugby next year. The council will not leave us.”

“Come on boys, it’s very disappointing.”

To absolutely no one’s surprise, his pleas for peace were completely ignored.

Tournament founder had Ashleigh Walters had this to say to Wales Online after the incident, and I would like to nominate it for best quote of the year.

“After the problems on the pitch, the teams were all friends again because what happens on the sand, stays on the sand. But we are working with all the parties involved to make sure there is not a repeat of this behaviour.”

“What Happens On The Sand, Stays On The Sand” is my favorite rejected Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

(Via Wales Online)