Cincinnati Bengals DE Wallace Gilberry’s Generosity Made One Family’s Holiday

11.25.15 4 years ago
Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

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Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Wallace Gilberry is getting a head start on showing some generosity during the holiday season. At a Target in northern Kentucky, Gilberry surprised a family of seven by providing the five children with a new game system and games. The act of kindness was apparently completely unprompted. According to the Fox 19 report “Gilberry stopped Yeager’s husband and said, ‘I want to bless you and your family tonight,’ Yeager described. He then bought the family a Playstation 4 and a handful of games. A passerby snapped a photo of the encounter and said Yeager was in tears.”

The report says a gaming system was on the children’s wish list. A photo of Gilberry’s act was capture on Instagram:

Just watched Wallace Gilberry of the @cincinnati_bengals buy a young family with a bunch of boys a ps4 and bunch of games at target tonight. The kids and dad were going crazy and the mom was in tears. I was big fan of him before but I’m a even bigger fan now. What a stand up dude.

“We’re definitely ordering his jersey now. He’s got life-long fans,” the mother, Angelica Yeager, said.

Well done, Gilberry. This is tremendous.

(Via Fox 19)

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