The Washington Capitals Ruined Their Own ‘Social Night’ With This Cringeworthy Tweet

Oh no, Washington Capitals. This is one of those instances where “never tweet” is a super good thing.

The team decided to hold its inaugural social media night on Saturday during its game against the Montreal Canadiens. It’s a solid promotion, one that is usually a great way to help fans feel connected to the organization during the game. For one fan, though, social media night became super awkward thanks to one tweet.

A fan named Emily tweeted a picture of herself and her dad at the game with the hashtag #CapsSocialNight. The Capitals quote tweeted it and said that it was a great faceswap, but there was an issue: it wasn’t a faceswap. Emily told the organization, which swore that this was meant to be a joke.

Emily didn’t seem like she was was really buying that explanation, but credit to her, because she seemed like she took the whole thing in stride.

We also saw what would happen if Emily and her dad actually had their faces swapped. As you could guess, it looked nothing like what the original picture looked like.

At best, the Caps made a bad joke. At worst, well, this wasn’t an especially good tweet.