The Washington Capitals Ruined Their Own ‘Social Night’ With This Cringeworthy Tweet

12.17.16 3 years ago

Oh no, Washington Capitals. This is one of those instances where “never tweet” is a super good thing.

The team decided to hold its inaugural social media night on Saturday during its game against the Montreal Canadiens. It’s a solid promotion, one that is usually a great way to help fans feel connected to the organization during the game. For one fan, though, social media night became super awkward thanks to one tweet.

A fan named Emily tweeted a picture of herself and her dad at the game with the hashtag #CapsSocialNight. The Capitals quote tweeted it and said that it was a great faceswap, but there was an issue: it wasn’t a faceswap. Emily told the organization, which swore that this was meant to be a joke.

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