Watch A 60-inch Vertical Box Jump Through The Lens Of A Camera Phone From 1995

04.24.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Maybe it’s not a camera phone at all, maybe someone hooked up a JVC Slim Cam to a word processor and let it be struck by lightning until it got Internet.

You might have to turn down the volume before you hit play, but don’t let it lessen the incredible athletic accomplishment of leaper Justin Bethel, a six-foot defensive back from Presbyterian College. Bethel jumped a reported 39.5 inches at the combine, and while the jump isn’t technically the “60-inch vertical leap” you’ll see it advertised as elsewhere, it’s still a guy setting up a shorter man’s height in boxes and flat-footing it to the top.

And hey, it might not help him in his career, it’s at least inspired a level of discussion online ranging from “you are an angel I met your dad and I love you” to “chris chase needs to be fired”. That’s a true sign that you’ve made it.

[h/t poor Chris Chase at Shutdown Corner]

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