Watch A Bunch Of Jackies Robinson Turn The Worst Triple Play Ever

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04.16.12 5 Comments

Watch in amazement as Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson turn a Padres-quality sacrifice bunt into a ridiculous triple play in the top of the 9th inning of Sunday’s Dodgers/San Diego game.

I’d explain things further, but who the hell am I to summarize what Vin Scully says? The play was birthed when home plate umpire Dale Scott called a foul ball foul, had an inner-ear fart and just sorta let the Dodgers finish the play. Padres manager Jackie Robinson Bud Black was ejected during the call, because I guess there will never be a situation where an ump goes, “eeengh okay sorry”.

“The whole play looked funky,” Black said. “I saw the hands go up. Our impression was that it was a foul ball. It happened so fast. I didn’t like the result.”

A few things I’ve learned from this video:

1. You should always finish the play no matter what, because someone important might not be remembering how baseball works.

2. The Dodgers are filled to the brim with serendipity this season.

3. Vin Scully should be baseball’s only announcer.

[h/t The Outside Corner]

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