Watch A Mother Somberly Accept Her Son’s Diploma After Losing Him In A Post-Prom Crash

Katherine Jackson’s son, Aaron Dunnigan, was a star quarterback at Chicago’s Thornton Fractional North High School. He was set to play football at Southern Illinois University for the 2015-16 school year, but tragedy struck on prom night when Dunnigan was involved in a drunk driving accident. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a rather emotional ceremony on Wednesday, Katherine Jackson walked to the stage in full cap and gown and accepted her son’s diploma.

“[My son] knows his mom never walked the stage,” Katherine Jackson said. “I’m going to be his legs and he’s going to be my wings and we’re going to go up there and get our diploma. All of this was divinely orchestrated by my son.”

Drunk driving is stupid. Please don’t do it.

[Via BroBible]

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