Watch A Pitcher Help The Batter That Just Took Her Deep Around The Bases

Senior Writer
04.28.14 9 Comments


In what looks like it could have served as one of those overly cheesy commercials, this video from Saturday’s softball game between Eckerd College and Florida Southern is the real deal when it comes to showing us the true meaning of sportsmanship. After hitting a home run off Southern’s Chelsea Oglevie, Kara Oberer felt her knee lock up after rounding first, so Oglevie and teammate Leah Pemberton picked her up and helped carry her around the bases to score. Even more amazingly, as ESPN pointed out, this gesture mirrored one that occurred during a game between Central Washington and Western Oregon six years earlier to the day. Damn college softball, you crazy!

I wonder if there’s ever been a situation where the opposing team didn’t help the girl round the bases, like they just pointed and laughed while the girl crawled around the bases, screaming in pain. I’d love to watch that video. You know, so I could act all indignant about it.

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