Watch John Oliver Brilliantly Mock FIFA Again

You knew this was coming.

Jonh Oliver was probably licking his chops this week when several members of FIFA were hauled away in handcuffs during a meeting in Switzerland. The organization, which Oliver mercilessly mocked last year, somehow re-elected their esteemed leader, Sepp Blatter, only days later.

Like the rest of us, Oliver was truly appalled by this and offered this scathing takedown of Blatter:

“To truly kill a snake, you must cut off its head… or in this case, its arsehole.”

Oliver went on to make a very strong point about America, the country responsible for the arrests.

“I dont know what I’m more surprised by, that FIFA officials were actually arrested, or that America is behind it. It took the country that cares least about football to bring down the people who have been ruining it.”

As far as Oliver takedowns go, this one was damn good.

(Via YouTube)