Watch This Minor League Baseball Fan Hulk Up And Try To Fight An Entire Team

In case you’re not receiving Double-A baseball scores on your phone like the rest of the cool kids, the Corpus Christi Hooks handed the Midland RockHounds their asses in a 14-1 drubbing in front of the home crowd yesterday at Whataburger Field. Naturally, the visiting team wasn’t too happy about being down 9-0 in the top of the fifth inning, and reliever Blake Hassebrook may or may not have been venting when he put a pitch right in Telvin Nash’s shoulder. Typical baseball “law and order,’ sure, but a 35-year old Hooks fan who’d had a few too many didn’t appreciate it very much, so he took matters into his own hands and rushed the field to fight Hassebrook, and any other RockHounds players that wanted a piece.

The only problem with that, of course, is that there was one of him and two dugouts full of players who don’t take too kindly to A-holes running on the field. Fortunately for the drunk fan, a hitting coach escorted him from the field, presumably while he professed his love for all of his bros on the team.

“That guy was talking to us the whole game,” Nash said. “He’s (ex-military) and he was kind of out of it. He had a couple too many drinks. It was kind of scary because you never know what his intentions were. But I feel like both teams, we handled it accordingly.

“Kudos to Timmy coming out and talking to the guy. (The fan) was just saying, ‘You don’t do that, that’s my boy’ because I’d talked to him the whole game. It’s just a good thing to know our fans have our backs.” (Via the Corpus Christi Caller Times)

No word yet on where Nash and the fan will be spending their best friend vacations together, but it will probably involve awesome events like wet t-shirt contests at classic rock radio station weekend festivals and judging body paint contests at the tailgates for monster truck shows. And there will definitely be matching sleeveless Sevendust shirts.