Watch Usain Bolt Set A World Record For A 100 Meter Indoor Race

Usain Bolt returned to form on Saturday, busting an indoor world record in Warsaw by finishing a race at 9.98 and blowing away the competition. From Sporting News:

Bolt’s season has been disrupted by a foot injury and he used the minor meet, held under a roof at Warsaw’s National Stadium, as a warmup for the Diamond League meeting in Zurich on Thursday, his first major European event of 2014…

On Saturday, he was 0.35 seconds ahead of fellow Jamaican Sheldon Mitchell, who finished second.

What this doesn’t clear up for me is why he has to run from a mob or some authorities while he’s chilling in the hot tub in that Puma commercial. And if I was chasing him, I’d probably just say f*ck it after seeing this. You’re not going to catch the guy.

Check out another view of the race below. I like how they’re moving so fast that they just crash into the wall, which I assume is normal behavior at these things.

(Via Sporting News)