A College Basketball Star’s Uncle Is Becoming An Internet Legend Thanks To His ‘Dunk Clocks’

This weekend is a hotbed for huge college basketball games just prior to March Madness, but the biggest winner isn’t an individual player or team — it’s Wayne Selden’s uncle.

Selden, a guard for the Kansas Jayhawks, threw down a big-time dunk on Friday night against Baylor, and his uncle, Anthony Pitts Jr., gained some serious notoriety thanks to the amazing reaction you see above.

If you somehow managed to miss it, Pitts was wearing a gigantic Flava Flav-inspired ‘Dunk Clock’ around his neck as he went nuts. As amazing as the accessory was, Pitts promised that he had something even better in store for Saturday’s Big 12 Championship game against West Virginia.

Pitts said he would make another clock for Saturday’s championship game. Get ready for it, people.

“Ya’ll got me hype,” Pitts said as reporters surrounded him after the game. “I might go get a big one with a mirror. I might overdo it tomorrow.”

As it so happens, he wasn’t messing around.

Yes, that’s a photo of Selden’s thunderous jam from Friday night inside the face of the clock. Yes, it’s amazing. Yes, he had another great reaction on Saturday.

At this point, we all have to root for Kansas if for no other reason than just seeing what uncle has up his sleeve next.

(ESPN: H/T SB Nation)

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