Wednesday Dunk Battle: Westbrook Vs. James Vs. Griffin Vs. Ross

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04.10.13 9 Comments

screengrab via SBN

After a brief hiatus to deal with objective weekly winners like DeAndre Jordan’s dunk on Brandon Knight, LeBron’s ridiculous circus posterization of Jason Terry and Doug Anderson’s destruction of the space-time continuum, the Wednesday Dunk Battle is back!

If this is your first Dunk Battle, here are the rules: You have to watch the following dunks and vote on which one is the best, because science doesn’t do itself. There’s a handy poll at the bottom, so take your time and go through each clip frame by frame, vote, then drop down into the comments section to let us know who you voted for.

This week’s dunks:

1. Russell Westbrook elevates and dunks on the Utah Jazz

2. LeBron James alley-oops the ball to himself off the backboard and dunks, because LeBron James

3. Blake Griffin goes for a finger roll, calls an audible, dunks his finger roll

4. Terrence Ross’ 360 180 degree jam

Dunk #1:

Dunk #2:

Dunk #3:

Dunk #4:

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