04.10.09 10 years ago 5 Comments

Every Friday, With Leather picks the winners of the weekend’s most prestigious matchups. Think of it as another outlet for you to rip on “the new writer.” Home teams are listed in ALL CAPS.


Miami of Ohio over Boston U. I’d like to see Ohio win at something. Why not college hockey’s ultimate prize?

Nick Diaz over Frank Shamrock. I probably shouldn’t be picking the guy that smokes pot over one of MMA’s Kennedy brothers, but dropping down a weight class is a bigger deal than what people normally make of it.


Celtics over CAVS. Cleveland has only lost one game at home all season. After this weekend, that number will double.

Chad Campbell over FIELD. As conditions worsen, I like the guy with the early lead. I realize history hasn’t worked out that way lately, but somebody has to go wire-to-wire.

CHICAGO over Detroit. Wake me up when the playoffs start.

Thanks for reading With Leather. Your patronage and inability to offend are appreciated. Have a great weekend.

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