11.03.06 11 years ago

In a game that I deserve huge credit for a watching part of, No. 5 Louisville beat No. 3 West Virginia 44-34 to keep its BCS dreams alive. The Cardinals got 354 yards of passing from Brian Brohm and occasionally played defense, which was more defense than the Mountaineers were willing to play.

I was at a bar when I watched a large chunk of the second half, and it really was amazing to see just how much some people really cared about this game. So I guess that's one more reason it sucks to be from West Virginia.

Oh, West Virginia, I kid because I love. I have nothing against your beautiful state. And I certainly wouldn't want to anger those two ladies at the end of the bar cheering for the Mountaineers. I use the term "ladies" loosely, of course. A better phrase would be "tough-lookin' broads."

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