Western Michigan Beat Toledo On A Crazy Fake Spike Touchdown

The MAC was one of the last college football conferences to return to the field last week, as the internet’s favorite conference came back to bring midweek football to the masses. The second week of MACtion brought about one of the wildest finishes of the college football season as Western Michigan hosted Toledo and trailed 38-28 with under a minute to play.

The Broncos would score a touchdown with 45 seconds left, but missed the extra point meaning they still trailed by four points. That meant they needed an onside kick and a touchdown, not just a field goal to tie. The first step in that was, unbelievably, achieved by a dribbling onside that got past a Toledo defender and was pretty spectacularly recovered by one of Western Michigan’s kickers.

On the ensuing drive, the Broncos would march down the field and inside the 10 with 20 seconds to play and rush to the line to set up for a spike — or so it seemed. Western Michigan then executed an incredible fake spike, as Toledo left the wide receiver on the left side of the field uncovered for a walk-in touchdown.

Toledo scrambling to get set on defense left the receiver wide open and the Broncos were ready to capitalize on it. It’s a rarity to see a fake spike, much less one that succeeds this well, but it was a tremendous way to end the night of football provided you weren’t a Rockets fan.