11.19.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

A week ago, in a boxing match you didn’t know about in a place you’ve never been, Andrew Golota retired in the first round against Ray Austin in Chengdou, China.  (“Retired,” I believe, is the boxing term for “bitched out.”)  Many boxing fans scoffed at Golota’s heart and desire — I’m sure someone called him “Golota Vagina” — but these pictures seem to validate his complaints about his arm hurting.

Anyhoo, that’s apparently what it looks like after “multiple tendon tears” in your arm.  Multiple.  You know, if you have tendons made of twine and are resorting to fighting in China, maybe a career in bloodsport isn’t the way to go.  Shoot me an email, Andy.  I’ll teach you Excel.  Ain’t no one pulled a tendon making a spreadsheet.

[Seconds Out via Bad Left Hook]

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